We are Yukon.

Empower customer`s success

Yukon is a people-oriented company with highly dedicated teams of IT-professionals. We strive for customers’ success and are passionate about new technologies. We select people who communicate at eye level and take responsibility to deliver reliable software solutions.

Understanding your business is our goal

It’s our belief in the symbiosis of the right people who are committed to your challenges. We like the typical Dutch informal organisation style and no-nonsense communication approach. Frequent gatherings in the Netherlands, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, and Uganda are part of our shared journey.

The passion to fulfill bold ideas

We act as rebels, dream things that have never been and ask ‘why not?’ We establish long-term partnerships and help start-ups validate their disruptive innovations.


A Software Development Platform that takes advantage of the benefits of Low-Code and Artificial Intelligence to simplify and automate the tasks of creating, evolving and maintaining Multi-Experience and Multi-Platform applications.
AI Low code
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The all-in-one business platform for hospitality, food services, catering and retail to streamline the bar and kitchen flow better.
Angular AWS Lambda Ionic
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Appaview brings print to life: print becomes a movie, text becomes music, and an image becomes a journey.
AR Flutter Image Response
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A Smart Payments platform for marketplaces, web shops and brokerage platforms including split payments, online identification and payout conditions.
Microservices Payment API PSD2
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A Workforce Management platform to turn employees into researchers for time studies in order to gain an immediate insight into labour standards.
Android iOS Vaadin
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Perfect Place

A data-driven decision platform to determine location attractiveness to provide a better quality of living.
AI Esri Google cloud
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Brama Systems

A Secure Access Controller to manage and control remote and local user access through Network Access Servers for wireless and wired networks.
PKI RabbitMQ Redis


Enterprise Dialogue Management and Cloud Contact Center for the Microsoft Ecosystem.
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A scalable IoT platform controlling and monitoring customers’ assets remotely to manage their usage and billing easily.
Apache Flink ASM Kafka
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Opus design

A US brand strategy and creative services agency, which is our close partner that delivers unique, purposeful design.
Twig WCAG Wordpress
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An IoT platform for real-time location of everything connected such as humans or devices to be in control and avoid unsafe situations in healthcare and industry.
Android Azure Go IoT
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An open-source initiative giving users a digital vault to control their personal data.
Decentralized Encryption Flutter
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An additive manufacturing platform for your supply chain to produce parts on demand by applying advanced machine learning and 3D printing.
Camunda React SCM
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Critical Alarms

Enterprise Messaging platform with integrated industry devices to streamline alarms in healthcare and industry.
Android iOS RabbitMQ


A Trimble owned company servicing the transportation market by using companies’ board computers to calculate salaries and manage absence.
Cordova Rest API Vaadin
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An IoT-based platform connected to your smart home devices, providing better protection for yourself, your loved ones and your key assets.
AI IoT Microservices
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Multi-organization online appointment system with cross-channel presence and 2-way calendar integration.
Google calendar Outlook365 Rest API
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An AI-driven scientific analytics platform to get real-time actionable insights from millions of scientific publications and clinical data to streamline drug repurposing.
IBM Watson ML neo4j NLP
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A highly effective investor-founder matchmaking platform unlocking the potential of powerful connections between founders of qualified start-ups and accredited investors.
Angular Flutter MongoDB NodeJS
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Skully care

An AI platform generating calculations of baby heads’ photos taken by the Skully Care app that shares its measurements and treatment plans between therapists and parents.
AI Flutter TensorFlow
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Yukon owes its name to the greatest Gold Rush in Alaska’s history where, despite many obstacles, men managed to achieve enormous and astounding results.

Our commitment is dedicated to your success

During the Internet bubble in the late 90s, Tjerk worked at Oracle in the start-up scene and experienced the vibe of innovative concepts and new venture initiatives. Being a creative person, he likes new ideas and has always been involved in connecting people.

Our success is right people

In 2003, Tjerk founded Yukon Software in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, to enable affordable innovation. Headquartered in the Netherlands, Yukon’s second location was opened in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in 2016 and since 2023 we have been in Kampala, Uganda.

Under the management of Misha in Ukraine, Roy in Sri Lanka and Gloria in Uganda, we have reached 100+ team members. We are proud to be continuously delivering software and hardware products used worldwide.