`Wait` – information and service cafe


The FIRST information and service cafe in Chernivtsi

Currently, dozens of thousands of people from different parts of Ukraine have lost their homes and are forced to start a new life, seek refuge in Chernivtsi. In this regard, our Ukrainian director has got an idea - to create the FIRST information and service cafe in Chernivtsi.

This facility is located next to the city's train station, a place where people who were expelled from their homes by Russian soldiers are coming and which, by God's will, was destined to become the first hub and shelter in an unfamiliar city. This institution will provide services for refugees, displaced persons, and other people in difficult living conditions. The cafe will provide almost all basic human needs: drinking water, food, hot drinks, psychological assistance, a computer that can be used by anyone, hygienic services, such as showers, washing clothes, drying clothes, ironing. Those in need will also be able to charge their phones or leave their possessions in the baggage room.

This project is new yet extremely important for people who need it. You can support this initiative financially, and by your contribution join the work of the cafe's services and possibly expand this experience to other cities of Ukraine.