The first batch of humanitarian aid from Poland

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At this difficult time for Ukraine, a large number of countries have provided and continue to provide humanitarian aid to various parts of Ukraine

Thanks to your donations and the active work of the Yukon Charity Foundation, we were able to receive the first humanitarian aid from Poland. Concerned Polish citizens, who contacted food suppliers and purchased everything necessary at the lowest prices on the market, helped us with this. After all, we are looking for opportunities to buy as many products as possible to help more people. We managed to buy the most required groceries, namely flour, various edible pastes, canned beans, spaghetti, pasta, etc. Moreover, one of the Polish charity foundations provided us with first-aid kits (200 units) and 1 defibrillator for free.

We were online with our volunteers around the clock, kept in touch, consulted with each other, and made sure that all the food we had bought arrived in our city successfully. Despite the fact that organizing the delivery of humanitarian aid was a new experience for us, we successfully coped with it. In Chernivtsi, there are a lot of cooking centers that need groceries for further providing food for internally displaced persons, which we will check and between which we will distribute about 20 tons of humanitarian aid from Poland.

Now we are more aware of this case, so we are not going to stop, and plan to prepare for the organization of the second batch of humanitarian aid. We sincerely hope for your financial support in this matter, and we are grateful to those who are concerned about other people's grief.

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