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Every day, residents of eastern Ukraine experience the horror of shelling from the Russian military. In small villages most people have nowhere to hide from the hail of bullets, and their own home becomes a trap for them.

Together with our partners, Foundation Unity and Strength from Ukraine and Koper Pomaga Foundation from Poland, and in cooperation with local authorities, we organize shelters for civilians in case of shelling. We are starting a project to build 108 shelters.

The project is called Life Corners. It will be implemented in the villages of Kucherivka, Petropavlivka, Synkivka and Podilia. These are regions heavily affected by warfare. There is no electricity, gas or water there. Water is available only in places where there are wells.

Natalia, the coordinator of the project, wants to supply each point with the following equipment:

1. power generators;
2. electric chargers;
3. gasoline;
4. extension cords;
5. lamps;
6. long-term food;
7. cleaning and hygiene products;
8. water;
9. medication;
10. gas cylinders and cookers;
11. instant soups and porridges;
12. fire extinguishers;
13. water filters;
14. blankets, sleeping bags, heating blankets;
15. folding beds.

Every, even the smallest help on your part is on the weight of gold.

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