Fundraising for beds

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People desperately need adequate sleep conditions

Almost all schools and kindergartens in Chernivtsi are accommodating internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the current circumstances. Recently, we visited one of these kindergartens, where there are currently 80 IDPs, where we saw with our own eyes how uncomfortable their sleeping places are. Due to the fact that the beds in the kindergarten are not adapted for an adult's sleep - people sleep on the floor or use mere mattresses. It is extremely difficult for the elderly, pregnant women, and children to withstand such conditions, and unfortunately no one knows how much longer they will have to live like this. Other schools and kindergartens that accommodate IDPs have the same problem.

Therefore, we decided to start raising funds for the purchase of beds. Our goal is 1000 beds. This number, of course, will not solve the problem completely, as the number of refugees is always increasing, but it will greatly alleviate the situation for people who are really having a hard time. A local Ukrainian factory has agreed to make beds for no profit. The price of one bed (frame and mattress) is 78 euros.

You can support us by donating any possible amount. Together we will be able to achieve this goal very quickly.

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