Four-legged friends also need our support

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They cannot cope without us

Unfortunately, saving their own lives under the circumstances of terror, running from the war in a rush, people don’t have the possibility or conditions to take their pets with them. Locked in apartments or left to their fate in the streets or at railway stations, pets are doomed to starvation by themselves. Having spent the whole life in domestic conditions, they are not accustomed to the street, they are scared, confused, and defenseless.

Thanks to committed volunteers in Ukraine who are rescuing lonely and exhausted animals locked in cold apartments and transporting them to safer places, plenty of little friends are in safety and with new owners. All this is being done at the expense of volunteers and committed people, which, of course, is not enough, because everyone's financial opportunities are limited. In addition, the supply of food for animals is also limited, so buying food even if there is enough money becomes extremely difficult.

Moreover, no less important position is occupied by military dogs, which are taught from an early age to find mines and other dangerous objects. With their help, explosives are neutralized, saving the lives of people who might come across them. These little heroes also need our protection, we have to help save their lives, because they help save ours. We plan to buy special armored vests and military footwear for them. All this will help the animals remain intact and continue their important service in their homeland. If you have the necessary contacts to purchase these things, we will be grateful.

They cannot cope without us. Share 1 kilogram of pet food or a little financial help. If everyone does so, the scale of good deeds will be impressive. And we will definitely show you grateful and well-fed eyes of these little vulnerable animals.

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