Timely first aid can save lives

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The received first-aid kits and defibrillator are in the right places

Along with the paid humanitarian aid from Poland, volunteers were able to send us about 200 first-aid kits and 1 defibrillator to start the heart for free. We are successfully distributing first-aid kits between places where internally displaced persons (IDPs) stay and where these first-aid kits are a must. However, deciding where to provide a defibrillator has become a difficult task for us.

The railway station in Chernivtsi in western Ukraine is a place which a huge number of people are passing through. All of them are coming from the hotspots where there are a lot of hostilities, but not all of them are able to withstand what they saw and experienced. The consequences of stress have a negative effect on people's health, especially of the elderly. Many of them need emergency first aid, which is why we decided that at this stage, the place where the defibrillator is most needed is the railway station. From now on, the medical staff of the railway station will be able to provide first aid to passengers, even in the most critical situation.

We would like to thank once again the volunteer organization from Poland for their concern and assistance.

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