Purchasing beds

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Purchased beds have already found their new owners

As of today, we have managed to provide 4 centers where internally displaced persons (IDPs) live with new and comfortable beds. After talking to the IDPs in person, we made the clear decision that beds are exactly what these people need most, after food and medicine, of course. Healthy sleep is an essential part of anyone's life. Perhaps we do not consider this need extremely important, as we sleep in our own comfortable beds. However, believe me, IDPs, like no one else, understand and need just that, because for 2 months they have not known what peace and comfort is. So, with the help of your donations and a few concerned Yukon employees, we were able to buy 220 beds from a Ukrainian manufacturer at the lowest possible price.

In a couple of days, we delivered 220 beds to such centers as:

- 2 preschool educational institutions (105 beds);

- a general education school (65 beds);

- a lyceum (50 beds).

Owners of the new beds are extremely happy and grateful, because their lives have finally become much more comfortable and simple. Of course, this number of beds is not enough. After all, there are more and more IDPs, and it is extremely difficult for all of them to spend nights on the floor. It is unknown how many more such nights are ahead.

That is why we continue to raise funds and hope that very soon we will be able to make even more IDPs happy.

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