One terrible day changed our lives forever

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The horror of war will leave an eternal mark on the lives of all people

Recently, we visited the regional center for social and psychological assistance, which is also currently hosting a large number of refugees. We provided them with the humanitarian aid in the form of vegetable and meat pates for long-term storage, flour, pasta, canned beans, etc. We were also able to communicate with these people and hear their personal stories in person. The tense ambiance is felt immediately, because they are all still scared of the events they went through.

One of the girls, who on this day was supposed to celebrate her 18th birthday in the company of her loved ones, told us that in her hometown, which is now at the epicenter of the hostilities, she studied at the Department of History, had some plans for life, which ended one terrible day. The girl was forced to leave her hometown to save her own life. She does not know where to study, where to find a new home, and how to continue living.

Another woman was a successful owner of a hotel business that was brutally destroyed by Russian invaders. She is currently safe in Chernivtsi, but her parents stayed at her home, with whom she has had no contact for a long time, and does not know what has happened to them. Whether they are still alive or not. Sounds awful, right?

There are thousands or even millions of such and worse stories. It is simply impossible to find the right words to support these people. Each of them is a victim of the Russian military. So far, they have had no idea how to build life further. So far, no one knows how to reconcile and forgive such an unjust and cruel loss of loved ones, the work of a lifetime, a home, pets, and millions of other horrific losses. All these losses will be imprinted in their lives forever, but we will try to support them and help them survive the horrors of war.

You can also join us in helping these people make their lives as enjoyable as possible in these circumstances because after being evacuated from the epicenter of hostilities people are left with nothing. At the center, there are a lot of children and women who need certain activities to restore their psychological condition and return to normal life. That is why we decided that we need to provide them with useful things, such as a table and rackets for playing ping pong, routers for remote lessons, computers, extension cords, board and interactive games, balls, skipping ropes, creative kits, and suchlike. All this will help people get a little distracted from the horrors of war, because the mental health of people is no less important than the physical.

We hope for your support!

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