Distribution of humanitarian aid

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All groceries obtained from Poland get to where they are very much awaited

We recently received our first humanitarian aid from Poland, thanks to the fruitful work of the Yukon Chernivtsi Charity Foundation, volunteers, and, of course, your donations. As promised earlier, we are happy to report to you what was purchased at your expense.

Yukon employees and concerned officials in the city of Chernivtsi have already distributed about 20 tons of food products among 5 centers where internally displaced persons are residing.

Only during the first 2 days we distributed:

- 712 kg of canned goods;

- 190 kg of canned meat pate;

- 178 kg of pasta;

- 775 kg of flour;

- more than 35 kg of sausages;

- more than 50 kg of meat.

We are not going to stop but continue our active work. As before, we will be grateful to you for your help and concern to the people of Ukraine. We will also report on all funds spent in the future.

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