7-year old Dutch girl supports Ukraine

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During this time difficult for everybody, we want to share with you an incredibly sweet story that moved us to tears. Recently, with the help of our Dutch partner Wim Bos of Lumiad, a benefit concert was organized in Stadsklooster (Utrecht), the funds for which were donated to us to support internally displaced persons (IDPs), namely for the 1000 Beds project.

This particular concert was noticed by two wonderful girls, Bente (4 years old) and Fenna (7 years old), who started to ask parents about the war in Ukraine after having found out about the concert. So, Fenna decided to support Ukraine and made a short letter with a drawing and took a few coins out of her piggy bank to make her contribution, too. Previous week we received her letter with coins, and we, in turn, of course, could not help but thank, so in return we gave them patriotic T-shirts and Ukrainian souvenirs. We are incredibly touched by this act and thank the girls and their parents for raising such sensitive and compassionate children.

Such a generation deserves to live in a world where there is no war. Soon, so be it. We believe in it!

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