Not just a service…

It is easy to write down all the technical knowledge we have, but it is most important to focus on your success. It means we spend time on high quality in delivery services guided by Dutch professionals at your place and at our locations.

Product development

We develop products that are used by organisations world-wide in a mission critical environment which businesses depend on. We talk about the international clients of our customers and we are that proud to have so many of them around the globe. Mutual product development requires a close cooperation with our Dutch partners transforming the market demands into continuous delivery of Enterprise Software products. Our aim is delivering software on Enterprise level that meets the requirements of the end-users as well as compliance.

Software development

From an agile perspective, we also develop short-term projects such as mobile apps, websites or Minimum Viable Products. Daily meetings and brainstorming to understand customer’s business and need for the right solutions drive us to deliver nice results that make a difference. Design mockups or Proof of Concepts can be part of the first steps we are taking together.

Hardware engineering

Our heart is in the scene of Internet of Things too. There was established a specialized hardware engineering team who have been designing and developing smart devices and embedded software for many years. We have our own hardware laboratory and factory to create hardware elements as well as prototype concepts. We are closely partnering with Lumiad Extended Technology company (LXT) in the Netherlands.

Dedicated teams

Dedication means long-term commitment, trust and full understanding of your business and needs. Therefore, we believe that our development team must be part of your organisation, your challenges and, finally, your success. Dedicated teams are an extension of your current organisation; we are part of your company culture. Frequent gatherings in the Netherlands, Ukraine or Sri Lanka are part of our cooperation. Working remotely for a few days or weeks strengthens our partnership and makes working together enjoyable..


We firmly believe in the symbiosis of the right people. Based on trust, we initiate mutual business between customers and partners. We want to join efforts in order to strengthen mutual benefits. It is all expressed in long-term partnerships which make Yukon stand out as a people-oriented family company. Some partnerships have already lasted for more than 10 years.

Open Source initiatives

We would like to contribute to opensource initiatives to make the world a better place. We have found our challenge in data privacy with Schluss, an initiative to give the power back to the user owning his personal data and deciding who gets the information about you on the Internet.

We work with

  • Big Data
  • Integration of devices
  • Mobile apps
  • IoT, PCB design, Embedded Software development, Prototyping
  • Cloud solutions
  • Point of Sale Integration and horeca
  • E-Commerce & Promo sites
  • Identification & Payment
  • Enterprise Search Platform
  • Social Media Platform
― All our work

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