Our success is people

We are sure that people define the company. Our value is a friendly and professional team.

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Join us in our journey!

In 2004, we were a little company with young and ambitious people.

We owe our name to the greatest Gold Rush in Alaska’s history where both men and nature confronted many obstacles leading to enormous and astounding results. We’ve become experts in software development and are always looking for the next goldmine.

100% Focus on quality

For us, quality means perfect match of the expected and actual results. We search for the right way to implement your idea, use the best practices and tools in the area. Every iteration is under control, so the whole process is flexible and adjustable to the fast changing world.

Our journey started in 2004

And it continues! We are opening up new horizons and set new goals every day

High-quality products

Our experience, professionalism and passion help us create a success story from everyday routine.

Up to 100 employees in 3 countries

We know that differences give exciting power ― the power of another point of view. That’s why we combine the best culture features of the Netherlands, Ukraine and Sri-Lanka.

We work using Agile methods which are modified, adapted, fine-tuned and tailored to each customer’s needs, style and pace.

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